Some words of appreciation from the Junior’s Fashion Week team!


Gilles Peress said, “I don’t trust words, I trust Pictures” and we know a picture is worth a thousand words. Photographs are essential not only because they are the best way to capture the beautiful moments, but also because they take us back to the wonderful days giving us happy tears.

Did you ever think, if there were no photographs, how would we ever cherish the priceless moments shared with our loved ones? Keeping in mind the same, Junior’s Fashion Week collaborated with Ritesh Ranjan Sett and his team from ‘The Baby Stories’ as the official photography partner for the JFW Autumn Winter 2017 Kolkata edition to help capture every moment spent with the little superstars who enjoyed every bit of the event.

Why ‘The Baby Stories’, you would ask. It is because, Ritesh Ranjan Sett, the founder of The Baby Stories, is a very renowned baby photographer in Kolkata. He takes immense pleasure in capturing the different moments spent with babies. The cuteness, the agility in movements, their workshop and grooming sessions, and the loving glances that the babies share with their parents and mentors are some of the favorite instances from the Junior’s Fashion Week that were beautifully captured by ‘The Baby Stories’.


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